Lip-smacking Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani- the word itself starts tickling your taste buds if you are a foodie. And biryani comes in all varieties,whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian hardly matters.
And luckily we found ourselves on a three hour halt in the Biryani capital of India,Hyderabad on our way to hometown.

Considering the foodie in us, we were eager to take the risk and try out some delicious Hyderabadi biryani.

We decided to proceed to Hotel Paradise to satiate our taste buds. The Hotel’s history dates back to some 60 years and it was established in the 1950s.

It took us around 20 mins from the Secunderabad railway station to reach the place and though it was Saturday, there was a considerable amount of traffic on the roads.
Right on time, we thought. But to our utter dismay, the restaurant was running full and the guests were in waiting(although the Hotel has 3-4 sitting areas). Finally we were able to get a table for ourselves in another 20 minutes.

Still on time… We quickly ordered a Chicken biryani. And finally when it arrived, we gorged on it to our hearts content. It enticed our taste buds and we relished in the flavours of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine.

We had a double meetha pudding for dessert and with happy stomachs and smiling faces,left the place. Definitely a risk worth taking.

Not to mention, it just cost us around 450 for two people.

So if you are in Hyderabad, you must give it a shot!

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