The Emotional Saga

Oh! Those Emotions- Where Do They Come From?

Emotions are certain feeling or changes which we feel in our conscious or sub-conscious mind which make us feel alive. Without emotions we won’t probably be able to enjoy the joys of life. It’s not only the joys, but the sorrows too which make us feel alive in our bodies.

Love Them/Hate Them- But You Gotta Feel Them! Sigh!

Every living person alive has felt some or the other emotions throughout the day. We feel happy, sad, ecstatic, gloomy, and a myriad of others. Positive emotions are a boon for the body because they generate hormones in your body which impacts your overall well-being. Whereas, on the other hand, negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, etc impact the body in a bad way.

The negative emotions that we feel not only make our mood bad but also impact our health in a negative fashion. Have you ever noticed how you are greeting by terrible headaches during the days you are too tensed or stressed out? Females also experience irritability during their cycle are more prone to stress and anger.

Eliminate negative emotions completely? Nahhhhh! But Minimize for a Happier Life

Although it is not possible to completely remove negative emotions from our mind, it is possible to reduce them to an extent. If something bad happens, you are bound to feel hurt, disappointed, rejected. But the best way to overcome this would be to accept it as a challenge and find a way out. Once you succeed in achieving the same, your life will not only become simpler, but also much happier.


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