The Magic in Positivity

Magic– the word itself is enough to create goosebumps. Whoa, the feeling. Magical thoughts, yeah. But is there any magic in Positivity? Is it worth the hype? The internet is flooded with articles and videos related to the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking undoubtedly is powerful. But as per my belief, positivity won’t help one change the mindset of people around you. That is impossible. One behaves as per their own nature. But positivity helps you overcome the stress of your everyday life. You are instilled with a sense of worth which no one can undermine. No one can lower your morale and self-esteem. That’s the magic in positive thoughts. Let the world judge you. But once your inner self tells you that you are right, feel that way.

But lets not fully rely on the above concept. Because there are are a few deviations here. A man committing a crime thinks he is correct, so is a man committing suicide. But that’s not what comprises of positive thinking. Anything which harms one’s own self or others, is and would never be right. Listen to your well-wishers(but how to decide your well-wishers is a story for another day).

Someone rightly said-

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”                                                                                                                                                       -Joyce Meyer

Your body responds to positive thinking in a health way. You feel happy, ecstatic (that might not be true for all days round the year, but yes, try to maximize). When you are happy, your body releases a hormone called as endorphins, which is the feel-good factor hormone. Positivity might not change the people around you, but it weaves a might on your own self. Bingo! you are ready to face the world. Believe in the power of positivity, bask in its sunshine and you will never be disappointed. 


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