Show some love to your Skin this Summer

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Summer is the time to definitely sit back and relax, but with the temperature soaring and mercury rising, you need to be more carefully about what you put on your skin and be more vigilant about it.

  1. SPF is A MUST-  Now with all the websites and influencers propagating this agenda, its not difficult to guess the genuinity of the matter. SPF is a must for your skin; and more so if you are going to the beach or staying outdoors for a substantial amount of time. Make sure to carry a oil-free SPF lotion with you as well. Your skin will thank you for the love!!

2. Hydration- Whether its internal hydration or external, hydration is the key to making your skin look supple and glowy in the hot summer days. Don’t trust me? Try it for a period of 7 days and you will start seeing the difference yourself. For external hydration, indulge in a good face mist and keep on spraying at regular intervals. Try to buy a travel friendly one, this way it follows you wherever you go :P. Its so important to put water on the inside as well as outside.




3. Skip the Foundation- In the summer, the skin tends to sweat a lot. So stocking up on foundation on your skin is a BIG NO; at least during the daytime. It not only clogs the skin, but the sweat tends to give you a patchy look. So opt for light-weight moisturizers or BB creams. Clean skin is the best.

4. Cut down on the caffeine- Yes, your body won’t budge without the daily dose of caffeine, but try to minimize consumption. Caffeine dehydrates the body and skin, giving a dull look. Try reaching out to juices and smoothies instead.

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5. Get under the cover- Whenever possible try minimizing exposure to the harsh UV rays. Wear breathable fabrics and stay in shade whenever possible. The best way to protest your face is to wear a hat or carry an umbrella.

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Stay stylish this SUMMER!!!

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