Be Monsoon Ready

When the first drops of rain sputter on the parched earth after a dry summer, it gives such immense relief to the mind and soul(and body obviously). With relief, the monsoon brings its own dose of humidity and stickiness. It becomes very important to take utmost care of your skin and hair, if you want to enjoy glowing skin and look dewy.


beautiful clean close up dew

As our bodies are transitioning from the hot weather to the cooler atmosphere, it becomes imperative to have a gradual change. But as we do not have any control over the atmosphere, what we can do is take care of ourselves and avoid getting wet in the rains. And if you do get wet, make sure to dry yourself as soon as possible. It helps in numerous ways. Firstly, you avoid a bout of flu. Secondly, wait hair is prone to damage and breakage resulting in hair loss. And you wouldn’t want your gorgeous tresses thinning, would you?



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In the rains, skin also tends to breakout a lot. People having dry or combination skin also tend to get acne. To avoid this, keep yourself as dry as possible and keep your skin free of dirt and grim. Also, spritz a few drops of toner each time you feel like. It rejuvenates and gives your skin a boost. Be sure to choose a toner suitable for your skin type.

aroma aromatherapy aromatic blur

Make sure you carry an umbrella with you to protect yourself from the rains. Also, don’t forget the SPF. Yes, the sun is still beaming at you; though hidden.

To keep smelling fresh and divine, wear natural or citrus based perfumes. They tend to last longer and keep you fresh.

Eat lots of fruits, avoid juices though as juices from outside may have contaminated water, and the last thing you would want is to fall sick. Also, don’t forget to chug down your daily dose of H2O.

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Happy monsoon!

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