How to feel beautiful?

The last time you peeked into the mirror, what did you see? That acne scar which refuses to fade away, the not so shapely eyebrows or that beautiful smile which went up to your eyes? The perspective of beauty varies and the only person’s opinion that matters in this regard is only the owner’s,i.e., YOU. When I say the perspective of beauty varies, I have had real life examples which sometimes questions my sanity.

adult beautiful child cute

Giving an example from my own life, I met someone walking in the park(it was early morning) and she was seeing me after a long time, a year or so. And she exclaimed, “How beautiful you look? You have become even more pretty.” IT definitely made my day!!But the very next day, I met one of our neighbors who exclaimed ” You have put on some weight.” That’s what the perspective is. Obviously, I felt bad. No, I felt horrible. But what I ailed to realize is that’s their perspective. When someone chooses to tell me how beautiful I am, and the other person chooses to point out my flaws, I definitely didn’t have any control over both the scenarios. But when I forget the compliment and go about my routine life in a couple of minutes, it seems wrong to brood over the negative remark someone made. I cannot let someone else’s perspective let me see the way they see me.

And there is one more thing that many of us, whether we admit it or not have been through. Its so difficult for many of us to accept a compliment gracefully. WE start feeling awkward when someone tell us we look beautiful, or the outfit really compliments us, we start fidgeting with ourselves. I mean WHY??? Why can’t we simply believe in the other person? Why are we so critical of ourselves. And many a times I have noticed people having weird reactions after getting a compliment, including, “Was that person mocking at me?” Well, some people make tongue in cheek comments, but that doesn’t mean the entire world out there is filled with horrible people.

To feel beautiful(irrespective of the fact whether someone else considers you beautiful or NOT), you need to follow certain guidelines. Read on to find out more.


Forget people, YOU, yourself, got to feel beautiful from within. Don’t judge yourself and try to love yourself first. When you see yourself in the mirror, focus on the positives. And voila, a pretty face will be saying Hello to you too!

photo of orange yellow and red hello molding clay


Going for a walk or jog relieves you of stress and makes you happy by releases endorphins. WE have all heard that, now its time to put it into action.

woman in brown sleeveless dress and blue jeans standing on gray path road


The fashion magazines are definitely a good read, but stop thinking the models have flawless skin or body, because they don’t. And they have admitted themselves that’s the fact.

brown haired female reading magazine


Perfume play a major role into getting that additional ooze of confidence to feel a prettier version of you. IT need not be dramatic or a luxury brand, but it needs to be something which defines your persona and does its job.



Yes, it is true. Wearing something in red instantly gives you that kick of self-confidence and increases your beauty quotient by 100%. A red lipstick even does its job pretty well. Have you ever noticed how you can go from a plain Jane look to the gorgeous diva avatar by adding that dash of red lipstick?

photo of a woman holding red carnation flower


Sit upright and yeah.. your mood lifts up. Forget the slouching and you will feel more alert and ready to take on the world.

ballerina ballet ballet dancer beautiful

Hope you liked my blog! Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below-

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  1. Ashok Kumar Dash says:

    Nice article by saswati. It creates a sense of self-confidence and positive attitude within to be looked beautiful. Loving yourself should be the priority.


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