The Joy of Flying

Parasailing is one of the most thrilling adventure sports. When you are hanging about 200 feet on sea level, and in the middle of the sea, it definitely is going to give you goosebumps. Also, it kicks the Adrenalin levels high up, so you feel alive and yes, full of life. It also creates a memory in your mind so vivid, you are going to cherish it for the years to come.

sunset beach ocean seaside

On my last visit to Goa, we decided to try on this adventure sport. The previous day I had sprained my ankle a bit, but it did not deter me from performing this stunt a bit. Yes, I wanted to fly above the sea and see the world.

The main boat which had all the equipments was stationed in deep sea and we were to reach that via a small boat. Once the passengers were seated, it jostled off to take us to the main boat.

One word of caution here, do not hurry to get on the boat, as people are less and the person controlling the boat might lose balance.

Once in the main boat, the guy who was in charge gave us parasailing gears to wear and one by one we were gonna float and fly. And when my turn came, I was a bit nervous as it seemed a bit daunting the very instant. But having come this far, there was no way I was going to look back. I had to do this and voila, I did!

It was one of the best experiences but again, its not for the faint hearted. Once you are up, you should relax, no fretting. And yes, just enjoy the view, it would definitely be spendid.

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