Oh La La, Vanilla!

When you think of Vanilla, the first thing that would come to your mind would be of some delicious baked cakes or some caramel pudding in vanilla flavor. But vanilla has more uses than simply being a kitchen staple. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and mental health boosting capabilities to name a few.


What we use in desserts is the vanilla extract that is extracted from the Vanilla beans after percolating them in alcohol. The oil is prepared in similar ways of created other carrier oils such as almond oil.

Vanilla, initially restricted as a local treasure in a small part of Mexico, now has a place in the hearts of million across the globe.

Vanilla can be consumed in a number of ways and number of forms such as extract, powder, whole pods and vanilla sugar. Not only consuming vanilla is good for your body due to the numerous nutrients  and antioxidants it contains, but it can also be used as a topical treatment such as in natural healing.

Let’s have a specific look into the benefits this wonderful element has to offer-


  1. Weight loss– Vanilla can be used a weight loss aid as it contains appetite-suppressing properties as claimed by some researchers. It is further claimed to have metabolism enhancing and cholesterol lowering properties.
  2. Aids digestion process– When an element boosts metabolism, it is imperative to boost your digestive enzymes as well, because a healthy gut leads to a better health and better immunity
  3. Heals Respiratory problems– Vanilla is an excellent herb whose extract can be used to treat sore throats, cold and respiratory problems.
  4. As a Mood Enhancer/ To improve Mental Health-Have you ever noticed how the delicious smell of Vanilla instantly makes you feel good suddenly? Make sure to spray on some Vanilla fragrance that will instantly perk you up.
  5. Anti-inflammatory agent– Not only Vanilla does reduce colds and sore throats, but it also reduces inflammation in entire body. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent and works wonders for your body.



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