The Body Shop “Vanilla Body Mist” Review

Hello Lovelies

I am back with another review of one of the products from one of my famous brands- “The Body Shop”. This time I will be reviewing the Vanilla Body Mist which is one of my go-to products and one which I absolutely adore.

I always have a soft spot for fragrances which have vanilla notes in them and this is something which I can use on an everyday basis and this is great for daytime wear. Its subtle vanilla fragrance¬† not only completes my attire and gets me on the go, but its a great mood enhancer. If you don’t trust my words, read more about the benefits of vanilla here.



It is priced at INR 795 for 100 ML.

It comes in an elegant glass bottle with a black cap. It is a simple spray bottle but looks gorgeous at the same time. I am amazed at how the body shop packaging is so simple yet so classy.

Coming to the notes of the body mist, it has a very sweet Vanilla note in it. It is strong but not overpowering. Its a great product for daytime use. You can wear it to your office or for a day out with friends. It’s not a party perfume because of the gentleness.

All you need to do is spray a few spritz on your pulse points and you are good to conquer the world.

Did I mention it uplifts my mood to a great extent?

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