Be The Most Beautiful Version Of Yourself

Today we are going to talk about beauty, but, but, not in the Beauty therapy kind of way. We are going to talk about beauty in a broader sense. The timeless or the classic kind. What makes a person Beautiful is not just the exterior but what is truly within. Classic or timeless beauty never fades away and that’s the beauty of the soul or your spirit. Just like what you put in your mouth ultimately decides whether your skin will glow or look dull, similarly the beauty of the heart determines whether you will be considered beautiful or “Its just Congratulations about your Face“.

We all want to look Beautiful to the world, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, because that determines how the other person perceives about you. But to continue the impression you also must be beautiful on the inside,i.e., your thoughts and actions should go with your external appearance.

Many times we forget that and just keep shaping our external persona in a desire to look the best. But then, WHAT NEXT?

I know quite a few people who have the prettiest faces, but their attitudes simply don’t keep up. So ultimately, their faces or the perfect figure won’t matter anymore to you. Because to develop any kind of bond with a person,whether it be friendship or a relationship, or just plain business, you need to connect with them on more that the superficial looks.

And that’s whether the true Beauty lies!

So, lets try and Be the Most Beautiful Versions of ourselves, both internally and externally.

Hope you had a good read. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Happy Weekend guys!

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  1. Totally agree, someone may have a beautiful exterior but if they’re not a good person on the inside, their looks are worth nothing. Looks fade, but personality is forever❤️ I’m still new to blogging, would appreciate if you wanted to check out my site!

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    1. Yess.. I checked out your blog and it seems like a great start😃.

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