Revlon Ultra HD LOVE |REVIEW

Red is back this season. WELL, At least for me!

Red has always been my favorite color and when it comes to lip-color, I can’t help but pick up a new shade in Red whenever I find something great.

And that’s what happened when I came across this shade of Revlon Ultra HD Love.

Its a brilliant red and would go with all most all skin tones. Its a matte lip color in liquid formula. Although it claims to be a matte lipstick, but my personal experience says it is somewhere between matte and semi-matte. But its a complete opaque color. One application and you are good to go.


It comes in a sleek packaging and has a wand as applicator.

Price- It is priced at 1195 INR.

Cons- I found two cons with this product:-

Its a bit drying for your lips. So make sure to moisturize your lips both before applying the lip color and after removing.

It kind of transfers. I found it staining on my coffee mug when I was sipping coffee while having this shade on. So make sure while applying, it does not transfer to your teeth.

Apart from these two things, I found it a definitely a HIT for me. I LOVE the color.


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  1. sharonchyy says:

    Interesting and beautiful photos! Keep blogging

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