Banish those Tired Eyes

With most of our time spent on computers or smartphones, we tend to hurt our eyes the most. And if you my friend, like me, spend a considerable chunk of your day glaring at your laptop/ desktop screen and not to forget binge watching those highly dramatic TV series throughout the night, you are not doing your eyes any good.

It’s not possible to stop our blue screen time but it’s definitely possible to limit our usage. Then how to banish those tired eyes whether it’s a long day at work or insufficient sleep time? Read on to find out more.

Step 1- Water

This is by far the most practical and easiest solution. As soon as your eyes start hurting, stop whatever it is that you are doing and splash some cold water on your eyes. It will definitely decrease the hurting almost instantly.


Step 2- Tear drops/Eye drops

If you are frequently suffering from dry eyes or itching in eyes, consult a doctor and use some eye drops. It will heal your eyes and you will have those tiredness wearing off.

P.S- One thing to keep in mind would be not to overdo it.

Step 3- Rose Water

This is perhaps the best DIY solution after a long day at work. After thoroughly cleansing your face and following your night-time regime, dip some cotton pads in rose water and relax those precious eyes!

red roses close up photography 

Hope you had a good time reading this blog!

Keep coming back for more!

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