Why Self Care Is Necessary?

What is Self Care?

“Eating a lot of tasty creamy junk food? ” “Buying a lot of clothes you might not even wear once?” “Watching Netflix through the night?”

Or, “Incessantly getting things done that are on your list?”

My Answer- None of These

Don’t get me wrong.

I love food. I love shopping and I love my daily dose of drama and serials to catch up on.

But these are not a part of self care. My definition of self care should be something like the below-

“Self care is something which makes you feel alive, which rejuvenates you and something you can indulge in without feeling guilty afterwards.”

The above activities which I mentioned may give you happiness but later you might feel like crap for over-eating, over- buying and being stressed out.

One should love oneself first. That’s where the concept of self-care comes in. Even my phone hangs up if I use it without a break. So how couldn’t I?

I need my me time, so does everyone. Its similar to the concept of putting on your oxygen mask on the flight in case of emergency before helping others out.

Here are three important reasons why you should indulge in self-care. Read on.

Value Yourself– First and foremost, you should learn to value yourself. Valuing yourself means knowing your worth. Yes, you are important. You are not a robot to be dancing to other people’s tunes and living your life to please others.


Maintain a Work Life Balance– Work life balance is not just a fancy term coined by someone to just talk about. It is the need of the hour and necessary for the millennia individuals to understand. You can slog hard at the job all day, everyday, and before you realise you will be a decade or two decades older. The things you so badly wanted to do in your youth might not be that pleasing once you age.


Stop Existing, Start Living– Because why not? God has not giving you the life to wade through it aimlessly. You have a greater purpose of life. Learn to embrace your presence with positivity. There might be a lot of things on your plate, but take a breather in between. Your life shouldn’t feel like a chore after all.


I would love to hear your feedback on the topic.

Let me know in the comments section below your take on the topic and how you indulge in self-care.

I will be doing a post on tips for self-care super soon.

Till then, take care!

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  1. Ashok Kumar Dash says:

    If you want to be loved and cared by others then it is necessary at first to take care of your own self. It is the first step towards building your own personality. Nice illustration by the writer to achieve this.

    Liked by 1 person

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