5 Steps To Rise & Shine Above Your Anxiety

Are you an anxious person?

Do you always feel nervous and panicky thinking of a particular situation? Or worse still, does your mind go into a whirlwind of imaginary scenarios and your heart starts fluttering?

Anxiety is an emotion every human being experiences at some point of their lives. Students panic before their exams most often. Even the best of students go through it. WE feel anxious when something big is happening in our lives, some big event, the first day of our jobs, moving to a new city, so on and so forth.

But if you feel this panic/ anxiety over small matters, it is a matter of concern. Imagining things and giving them a gigantic proportion is a cause of worry. Stress and constant pressure of work is sure to make us anxious. Here are simple quick fix ways to deal with the anxious person in you.

Take a break


Sometimes all you need is a break to clear your head and get rejuvenated from all the stress and panic leading to anxiety in your head. Grab a cup of coffee and sit by the window and watch what’s happening around. It soothes your senses and the only caution you have to follow here is not to drift back to the things that were bothering you in the first place.

Detox from social media


Social Media! Ah! A boon and bane at the same time according to my opinion. At one time, you can flaunt all your cool stuff, where you are going, tagging, but my dear friends, if nothing much is happening in your lives and you look at the same fun feed on your friend’s or following list, you are bound to feel depressed and sad. So cut of for a few days, you will appreciate it in the long run.

Practice Gratitude


Sometimes we get so lost in our worries that we forget what we should be thankful for. WE always concentrate on what we have lost. But instead we should focus on what we have, before we lose it. Its better to keep it in mind. Yes, losing is definitely painful, especially, when its something close to your heart. But in order to get over your grief, you have to concentrate on the brighter side of life.

Read a Self-improvement book


These books are always a life saver. We all know the effective of positive words on ourselves, but it gives immense sense of satisfaction when you read some motivating stuff.  And if you are not of the kind who reads self-help books, go for a novel/fiction, anything that makes you happy and keeps the anxiety off your mind.

Be nice to Yourself


Last but not the least , be nice to yourself. Treat yourself with grace and love. Lets talk about the cup of coffee again. Keeping it short, all I would like to say is drink the coffee while its still hot. Enjoy it.

Hope you liked the post. Let me know how you deal with anxiety?

Until Next time,

Be happy and Stay Positive!

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