How To Conquer The Fear Of Failure?

Lets start by analyzing failure. The term has been used in a myriad of ways. What might seem as a failure for someone might not be the same in the view of another person. For example, lets talk about School. This was the first idea that crossed my mind when I talked about failure and why not? WE all start understanding the concept of failure more or less in School. Now lets talk about two students, one “Average” in Maths and the other “Brilliant” in Maths. Now imagine a Maths test that both of them appeared in and the Average Student Scored a 70 whereas the Brilliant one scored 80(out of 100).

Now among these two, who failed?

No one,correct?

Because both of them scored above the passing marks. But we can safely assume the student who scored a 70 definitely failed in comparison to the one who scored 80.

But if you look closely, or considering past records, the pupil who scored 70 usually scored in 50’s, and the one who scored an 80 usually scored in the 90’s or even a 100.

Now who actually failed?

Needless to say, the roles are reversed now.

The concept or meaning of failure varies from each one’s point of view or their life in general. I have heard of many top Management graduates who give up their high paying careers to start a small business, where the profit is not even 50% of what they were earning previously. Many people give up their high-paying jobs to become a travel blogger. So, can we consider that as a failure in their lives?

Definitely, not!!

Because now they are pursuing something they are genuinely happy about, which gives them a sense of satisfaction, even though the pay is less. It all depends on what you consider as success for you/ What you truly want to achieve.

What is Failure?

For me, failure is that feeling or emotion that is accompanied by when we are not able to achieve something that we wanted to in the first place and is followed by a sense of worthlessness/ low self-esteem.

Now that we have talked about failure and the emotions that comes with it, we need to understand what needs to be done to avoided the Fear of Failure. Many a times, we simple don’t take up a task assuming things might go wrong and we might fail.

I have listed down some steps which I usually follow when I feel I might fail.

Set Small Goals


We all want to achieve bigger things in life. But lets face it, all big things start small. You can’t expect to achieve something humongous in a small period of time. If that happens, it might be out of sheer luck. But if you analyse the life of all famous personalities, every one has their set of failure, before they kissed Success.

So set small goals for yourself. This way you stay motivated and do not give up the task entirely.

Celebrate Your Success


Now that we have set small goals for ourselves, we need to celebrate when we accomplish them, right? Whenever you achieve your goals, make sure you reward yourself. Now rewarding doesn’t have to be something out of the ordinary or expensive. This one you have to figure out based on what you consider a reward 🙂

It can be something as simple as Self care. To know why self care is important read this.

Have a Journal of inspiring quotes


Even the most optimistic person has days of blue. So when you are not your energetic self or you need a boost, dive into some inspiring quotes. Better still, jot down the ones which really strike a chord with you. This way you can revisit them time and again when you need a dose of inspiration

The last and general tip is to try out a thing. If you never try out, you are really not gonna know whether you will succeed or fail. So what’s the harm.

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Signing Off until the Next time!

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