How To Be Confident ? For the Millennia Woman

In the last article we saw what is making us non-confident. In short “Why WE Lack Confidence?” You can read it Here. Now that we know the reasons for our lack of confidence, let us probe the various possibilities to gain our confidence right back! Without further adieu lets dive into the topic straightaway.


Yes, this is the number ONE step and this contributes about 50% to our lack of confidence. The FEAR. The gnawing sensation in the pit of your stomach to go for the mediocre, in case you FAIL. Let say, you want to try a new style, but you are afraid. What if you look outrageously funny in that? What if people mock your dressing sense or haircut for that matter?

Now consider a child in your place, lets say a two year old toddler. She will be dressed up in anything that her parents get her. And even if the outfit is funny and people are laughing, she will go with the flow and laugh with them! That’s the difference.

Note- I am not saying you dress outrageously or not as per your body type. Its just about the fears we have in mind!



This is linked closely to the above point. They go hand in hand. We avoid doing certain things in case we fail at them. And the reason behind it is Self- Doubt. WE cannot trust ourselves to be successfully completing the project at hand. Now if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect your boss to? Fear wrapped in Self-doubt can creep stealthily across your face and even if you are apt at covering it up with a tiny smile, experienced eyes can see through it! It reflects on your body language.

Have you wondered how many not-so-prominent people get their breaks in their career even if there are experienced people strew across! Its their confidence which lands them their golden opportunity. If you have the skills, and you are not self-doubting yourself, you will sooner or later breakthrough.


Its not necessary you will know everything at all the time. There can be times when you are good at something and have deeper knowledge on the topic. At other times, its just someone else’s forte. Now if you want to know more or learn you have to ask, even the tiniest of the facts. If you stop thinking others might think how dumb you are, you are gonna remain that way!

Push Your Limits

How many of you have heard of the saying “Sky is the limit”

Yes it is! Until and unless you tell your mind so!

Try to go down your memory lane; back to your childhood. Many of us were asked when we were kids, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” And do you remember your answers? Some of us wanted to be pilots, scientists, and what not!

But what we are doing in present? May be some boring job which we detest? But still there are many who lived up their dreams and chose a career of there choice!

“Be what you wanna be, and with confidence nothing can stop you if you have the skills”






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  1. realsudipa says:

    Nicely writen.loved it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Curvybee says:

    I have definitely started exhibit self-confidence since I just stop caring what other people think. I am woman, hear me roar!


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