The title must have you confused. Rising Up? From where? Slumber?


Its more than that. Today I felt like doing a post on Rising Up!(symbolically). Rising up after a failure, or rising up after things did not go as you had planned and left you shattered.

A major set-back no doubt sets us back, not by 2-3 steps, perhaps by a million steps. The pain is real, so is the suffering. But does it help to dwell on the pain? Perhaps a day or two, maybe a month; but then you have to get up. Because the world is a place for survivors, not victims. We all have been victimized in our lives by someone or the other, but the true fighter gets up, dresses up and shows up. Because they know, once you let your guard down, you will be trampled, not by one but by thousands.

Some people aren’t that confident. They feel conscious to communicate, conscious of not being the best. Why to worry? No one is! If you are someone who is dealing with self-confidence issues, always remember not everyone was born with the confidence bone in their bodies. People practice and desire to be a certain way. If you don’t trust yourself, why should others? If you feel you are not giving your 100 percent to a task, why should your boss believe it either?

The world is full of people with potential, charm and self-worth. It’s up to YOU to decide whether you are one of them and let the world see it or self-doubt and perish.

I hope you all enjoyed the short expert.

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Rosy says:

    Beautifully written!


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