Colorbar Nailpaints Review

Nailpaints are perhaps every girl’s first stepping stone towards the fashion world. With so many nail paints available in the market, it’s easy to get your hands on quality nail paints in a plethora of colours.

Recently I bought two nail paints from colorbar. This was the first time I purchased from their official website.

I must say I was delighted with their super fast delivery. Also the package was unique and came in a black box with the official colorbar logo. The packaging was labelled fragile and as they were glass bottles, they had been wrapped in bubble wrap individually too. I would definitely give a +1 for the beautiful packaging.

I had purchased two shades

  1. Plump It Up Top Coat

2. Silver Chrome Nail Laquer

Plump It Up Top Coat

Let me start with the top coat. Although a bit pricey as compared to Nail paints from this range, it was priced at 399 INR.

Quality– It was good. The applicator brush also covers my nailed in one swipe.

Staying power– It would be difficult to tell as I have used it below coloured polish or above it.

Overall verdict– Satisfied, it’s nothing extraordinary, but does it job.

Silver Chrome Nail Laquer

It is decently priced at 199 INR.

Quality– Its a gorgeous shade and gives you a silvery shiny finish. Completely adorable and you can say it’s somewhat equivalent to chrome finish.

Staying power– I was totally disappointed with the staying power. It hardly lasts a day properly. Starts chipping even while doing minor activities. I have used nail polishes from so many brands before but this disappoints me with effect to it’s staying power.

Overall verdict– Colour is satisfactory,but overall a complete waste.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shannon says:

    So thankful for honest reviews!!


  2. Sudipa says:

    Love the review.Detailed and to the point.It would be useful for people planning to buy it


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