Touch of Spice- Creamy Matte by Maybelline

Back with a product review, and this time what have we got?A lipstick- by Maybelline. Well, to put that correctly, a very beautiful shade in an affordable range launched by Maybelline.I will be honest here. I picked this one up after hearing so many beauty bloggers and people raving about it being a universal shade. Honestly, it looks different on different people, on different skin tones, but the fact remains that it’s a pretty shade which is between brown and mauve and has a great colour pay off.
Particularly for me it makes a great day wear choice as I prefer darker shades. So this one being not very dark suits my purpose of being the perfect pick for office/work. As claimed by the company, its super creamy, so you don’t have to worry about it drying your lips.

Packaging-It has basic packaging like other colour sensational lipsticks with a sheer plastic cap. You can see the shade number and name tagged below with colour coding.

Price-Its priced at INR 299.

Where to buy-You can buy it from your nearest beauty store, or online at Amazon/ Nykaa.


  1. Creamy texture unlike other matte lipsticks.
  2. Don’t dry out your lips
  3. Decent staying power (4-5 hours without touch-up)
  4. Super affordable price


  1. I wish it had longer staying power but given the price range, I am not complaining.

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