Setting Powders- What you need to know?

Whether you spend 10 minutes doing your makeup or an hour, you definitely want it to stay, at least until you are the one to take it off after a long day. But sadly, it rarely happens that way. It depends on a lot of factors. Starting from the weather, your skin-type, the environment you are going to spend your time in, to the type of products you use, all are going to affect the durability of your make-up. While there are a few factors that we cannot control like the weather or your workplace, there are others which we can definitely try and improvise on. It is always advisable to use quality products. By quality products, I don’t mean to say high end luxe items, but get products that suit your skin type and are gentle on skin. Also if its summer, its wise to invest in waterproof makeup which will last longer than the water soluble kind.
Keeping all this aside there is one product which will definitely keep your make up in place for that extra mile. It’s the numero uno solution to keeping your makeup from budging. The setting powder or loose powder is your savior when it comes to keeping your makeup in place.

It comes in various forms, yes, you read correct. There are various types of setting powders and depending on the type of look you are going for it is wise to invest in something likewise.

To read more about the different types of setting powders before deciding your best choice, click here.

It has a number of benefits starting from keeping your foundation in place, to avoiding your foundation being cakey. Also, it absorbs the excess oil for all the beauties out there blessed with oily skin.

Isn’t it amazing? Go ahead and choose one for you depending on your skin type. And if you need recommendations, read here.

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Until next time, xoxo.


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