We all are born with different exteriors; everyone is different yet so unfailingly same. We all bear the same organs, the same features, but the striking difference is in the way they designed. Often looking at someone else, mostly while growing up, in your teens or later, more often than not, we feel the ache of wishfully thinking if we had a sharper nose or bigger eyes and end up comparing our looks with the person passing by or someone who you have known since ages. It gives you a pang of angst in your heart and serves no more purpose than that. And depending on your own personality, you choose to linger on that pain for 5 minutes, hours or days. Before you realize, that wishful thing has moved into the back of your head and is replaced by a fresh one upon seeing someone else.

Let’s dig down the memory lane and be honest with ourselves. Have you even looked at your old photos and wished, “Only if I looked like this now?” I bet it has happened to the best of us. Having said that, if the photograph was taken two years back or three, and recalling to that phase of life, were you happy with your appearance at that time? The answer would be no for maximum of us. What I am trying to say here is it’s not the way we look that necessarily needs to be changed, it’s the way our brain perceives, that needs to be modified.

Add to it the glossy magazines we used to swoon over in the past decade or the gorgeously perfect models on the social media, nothing seems to ease the pain. And again, before we realize, we wish to look the way we did on our last birthday. It’s a cycle, which sooner or later needs to be broken. Once you accept the way you are, you will look forward to becoming a better version of yourself, not the less good version of someone else. Flipping through social media, we come across pictures of celebrities which make us feel bad about ourselves. But there are pictures of them which aren’t that good too, even after numerous layers of editing and Photoshop. Everyone is born beautiful yet flawed. The best choice we can make is to see the beauty in the flaws for everyone including ourselves.

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