5 Cleansing Mistakes You should Stay Away From

Cleansing is an easy task right? After a long day at work, once you are back at home, splash some water on your face, use some cleanser and you are done for the day. Well, not exactly. Facial cleansing is an important step for you overall skin health and to keep that face bright and glowing, its important to cleanse the right way.

Here are the top 5 cleansing mistakes you should stay away from if you want to stay youthful and look gorgeous every single day. After all, if your face is internally healthy, it would show!

Stay away from Cleansing wipes– The number one mistake we all make is to reach out for that wipe at the end of day. No doubt its easy and fuss free. But they are not very effective in removing all makeup from your face. On the go its convenient. But  restrain from using this method only to cleanse your skin every single day.

Scrub, scrub and some more scrub– Scrubbing is good for your skin. But too much scrubbing and too often can bruise your skin. Scrub away those dead cell, but make sure not to overdo.

powder in bottle

Only face wash is sufficient– Again, this is the mistake most of us make. Face wash is good to remove dirt, but the heavy duty makeup we are so used to now-a-days needs more than a face wash to leave our skin surface. Make sure to wipe away makeup using a oil based cleanser and then follow up with a face wash.

Only using water to wash face– This is even worse than Step 3. Only water is never going to clean your face. Period.

Splurging too much on cleansers– Its not necessary to spend a fortune on buying the best product in the market. Its good to invest in a quality product which does the job but , no need to over spend.

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