The Recipe for Happiness

What is the recipe for happiness?

First, let us findout if any such recipe exists. If yes, where can we find it. What are the ingredients?

Happiness, the word itself brings a smile on your face, or reminds you of any such memory which made you happy. Strange, isn’t it? How the mind works?

Now similarly, think of the word sadness/ misery. As soon as you read this line, didn’t your mind wander to something bad, some sad memory reserved in some faraway corner of your brain?

Our mind is a beautiful place and acts in strange ways. Notice the sudden transition which happened while you read the first and second scenarios. The cheerfulness instantly vanished giving way to some sinister and gloomy mood.

Often times it happens to us, that without any reason, we suddenly start feeling cheerful from within! Happened to you, isn’t it? Similarly we sometimes feel dull and sad without any apparant reason.

Our mind is a horse which runs through a myriad of emotions in a fraction of second. The only problem is we think of happy thoughts which actually happened, but when we start thinking of negative things, we make a web, where one thought leads to another and before we realise, poof, the happy face has vanished.

The recipe for happiness has only two ingredients, stay optimistic and stop making spider webs of gloomy thoughts(which have no trace of reality) in your minds!!

Let me know your recipe for happiness below.

Until next time, xoxo.


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  1. Ashok Kumar Dash says:

    Very nice article. To be happy you have to understand the deep sense behind the feeling of ‘happiness ‘.Running after gathering comforts to enjoy happiness we are far away from the feeling of ‘happiness ‘.so it is the time to realize the feeling within ourselves.

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