Do What Your Heart Wants

Are you someone who finds it difficult to wade through the day? It becomes difficult for you to navigate through your day with ease. You always expect yhe day to get over sooner So that you cango to bed. Thats not the way of life. Life is meant to be fulfilling, enriching and joyful.

If you don’t enjoy your day, then there’s something definitely wrong, whether it be your job , your relationship, or anything else for that matter. Again there are some days we feel low, which is completely natural but if this happens on a daily basis, its till for some speculation.

We get lost in roles, responsibilities, duties, obligations so much that we forget what we want. Its important to find your true calling, some3which you look forward to each day. It should give you joy and fulfillment , not pain and anxiety. Take a step back, retrospect on your wants and needs and figure out ways to make them possible. It will definitely take a lot of courage, but at the end of day you will be happy and satisfied.

Whats your mantra for happiness? Are you doing what makes you happy?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time, xoxo


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