Stay positive during this Corona Pandemic

To be honest it was difficult to put my thoughts into words for this post, especially the title, after all that describes the agenda. But without trying to sound gloomy or another propagator of the rat race agenda, I want this post to be soothing and helpful at the same time.

This pandemic has us all in its cluthes. Whether we like it or not, we have to stay indoors, restrict movement, avoid social contact and follow a myriad of additional precautions to stay safe. Life has changed dramatically over the past few months and in this adversity we have one thing which we can control, our mind and our actions. External factors are not in our control but how we choose to respond certainly does.

It is heart wrenching to see so much suffering in the world. Well , my aim is not to sadden you, so lets stop here for the facts.

Now coming on to how to stay positive, those of you who are already high in hopes and spirits, kuddos to you. Would love to hear what keeps you motivated, please mention in the comments section below.

For those of you who are having a hard time, I have a few pointers( I am no expert and speak from my point of view)

  1. Dont start the day with news. Well, certainly you should be aware of whats going on around you, but immediately after waking up is not the time. Firstly because you should start your day with a positive mindset and secondly, it keeps stress away for a couple of hours.
  2. Dress well. Our clothes define our mood. Well thats not to say dress like you are going to a party, but take a shower and put on fresh clothes, your mood will improve a lot.
  3. If possible learn something new. Now is a good time, but dont beat yourself up. Its ok to be not productive on all days. And relive something you cherish. For example, I am reading all Harry potter books again( even though I have read them countless times in the past) . Is it adding to my knowledge base? No. But is it giving me happiness? Definitely, Yes.
  4. Stay active, by that I dont mean on the phone or social media. That everyone does without asking 😜 Exercise on some days, stretch on others and meditate when you feel anxiety creeping in.

Keep your head, hopes and spirits high. Keep your heart strong and this too shall pass.

Stay safe and pray for everyone because we are in this together.

Until next time, xoxo


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  1. Ashok Kumar Dash says:

    Nice article. Self boosting measures to be taken during this critical period suggested by the thassygirl in the article are helpful for physical as well as mental health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊😊😊


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