How To Conquer The Fear Of Failure?

The concept or meaning of failure varies from each one’s point of view or their life in general. I have heard of many top Management graduates who give up their high paying careers to start a small business, where the profit is not even 50% of what they were earning previously. Many people give up their high-paying jobs to become a travel blogger. So, can we consider that as a failure in their lives?┬áRead on to find out more.

Why Self Care Is Necessary?

“Self care is something which makes you feel alive, which rejuvenates you and something you can indulge in without feeling guilty afterwards.” Read on to find out more.

Colour Obsessed?? No More!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? There is some kind of hypnotic addiction for the love of fairer skin tones. Wouldn’t it be enough if you have a beautiful heart instead? Or even if we look at it from a beauty perspective, what’s wrong with a slightly brown or olive…


Monday is back again and today I am going to write a post which will uplift your moods and help you beat those Monday blues. Well, not necessarily Monday blues, but to keep you steering whenever you feel stuck or demotivated. Trust me , when I say this because everyone has some terribly bad days…

Be The Most Beautiful Version Of Yourself

Today we are going to talk about beauty, but, but, not in the Beauty therapy kind of way. We are going to talk about beauty in a broader sense. The timeless or the classic kind. What makes a person Beautiful is not just the exterior but what is truly within. Classic or timeless beauty never…


Humble, polite yet powerful and contagious. Charismatic, the word is,isn’t it?

Don’t Make Excuses

People, across the globe, make excuses for something or the other. But what is the purpose of making them? Definitely, for a work which is not completed; either on time or on purpose. Many times we blame our failure on someone else. Yes, at times we are dependent on waiting for completion of a task…