Ethnic LookBook – Designing an outfit from Scratch

Designing an outfit from scratch is fun as well as tedious. Check out to find more- Thesassygirl

Chic And Stylish | Selena Gomez Inspired Look

Hi Everyone!! Hope you are doing well and making the most of the time at hand. I created this look inspired by one of the looks of Selena Gomez. Its super easy, and although its inspired by her look its not the exact replica, well that’s what inspiration should be about, isn’t it? There should…

Hyaluronic Acid- A Hit Or Miss?

Hyaluronic acid, otherwise known as Hyaluronan, is a crystal clear and serum like consistency substance that naturally occurs in our bodies and is produced as well. It is highly concentrated in our skin, eyes and areas having connective tissues. Now comes the question, what is its use/ what does it do? The main function of…

Ethnic Lookbook- With Sambalpuri Saree

The Sambalpuri weave is beautiful, graceful and at the same time timeless and classic. You can never go wrong with a Sambalpuri saree, there are many options to choose from. For a business look/office look you can choose the cotton weave, perfect for Indian summers and for a more party appropriate option, you can go for the silks.