Hidden Gems of Odisha- Deojhar Waterfalls

The Deojhar waterfall is located in the Narasinghpur block of Cuttack District. If you are someone who loves offbeat locations, then go for it. Its hidden, its serene and its beautiful. It is hidden away from the eyes of the masses.

We visited this fall in the winter season by road. Once you reach the Entry point to the forest division, you will feel you have teleported to some bygone era, in the 1950’s. The villages, the winding roads, thatched roofed huts scattered at a far-a-away distance, lend a serene vibe.

Once you reach the waterfall area, you have to walk around 5-10 mins in the wilderness to reach the waterfall, i.e., to say the fall is not visible from the main road. The water from the falls flows in a small creek too, which reminded me of the valleys up the North, strewn with pebbles and the sound of flowing water forming a melodious rhyme to the tired ears. The place was filled with the chirping of birds, rhyme of the flowing water, and the whoosing of the waterfall. Walking alongside the creek, you will reach a small clearing and voila, there you have the stunning waterfall waiting for you to a leap into its chilly water.

Its also a favorite picnic spot for many, but make sure you carry your own supply as you wont find any shops nearby. The nearest place to have food is Champeshwar, where we had food while returning. 

A few points to make your trip a memorable one-

If possible, go in a group. As it is a secluded place, going in a group ensures safety and way more fun.

Carry your own food and water supply.

The path is rocky, so make sure to wear hiking /comfortables shoes.

Other attractions nearby-

 There are a few other places you can visit like Ansupa lake and Bhattarika Temple.

So what are you waiting for? 

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