A Winter Picnic on Sail in the Midst of Dolphins and Feathered Friends – Hidden Gems of Odisha

The idea sounds exciting, but the experience was unforgettable. It was a plan which had been made but was lacking execution due to myriads of factors, Corona being the humblest one!

So finally when it was executed, to say, I was on Cloud 9 would be an understatement.

Stay with me for the detailed execution.

We set out, a group of 10 people, on the D-day. The plans were already in place, menu was decided. Wait, did I tell you, the cooking also happened on the boat. Interesting, isn’t it?

We set out for Satapada island early morning from Bhubaneswar as the journey was long and we wanted to make the best of the day. Also, we were going to have breakfast on Boat! Breakfast on Bed is old, yawn! Once you break into the sub-lanes from the Puri highway, you will be greeted by the local village life of the coastal Odisha. Being the peak of Winter, there were migratory birds scattered even at tens of kilometers away from the coast. Such a pleasing journey.

We reached Satpada around 10-30 am. Its wise to book in advance to avoid last minute dramas and the best part is you can curate your menu. But even if you make an impromtu plan, worry not, there will be local people along the way who handle the boats and will make arrangements for you. We walked along the decks and were guided by our agent who had done the bookings for us.

The boat was prepped, we got into it, and within a few moments we were ready to sail. We had life jackets on boat, but were not wearing it. You can wear, but the journey was smooth and safe. The boat was a bit wobbly in the beginning but that settled down once we balanced on both ends, and the truth is we got soaked in the surroundings so much that we forgot about the boat moving.

Within a few moments we were sailing on the largest saltwater lagoon of Asia, and what a beautiful sight it was. Birds flocking in groups, tiny island with a lone tree standing tall giving shed to dozens of birds, sun glazing on crystal waters. Once we waded further into the lake further, the water became clearer with absolute visibility into its depths.

Plus, did I mention the amazing aroma from all the fresh prawns, fish and chicken pakodas being made right in front of us. If you are sea-food lover, you will have the best food on board. We gobbled them with such relish, one because, we woke up really early and that definitely makes you super hungry, plus, the food was exquisite. Soft, crispy, fresh and hot pakodas dipped in spicy sauces, yummm! For the lunch also we had a number of seafood options. The crabs started crawling on the boat, imaging the horror!

😮 Just kidding

The journey to Rajhans island took around 1.5 h

ours. What happened on the Rajhans island is a story for another time!

You can do your booking through the official Odisha tourism site for a smooth experience, here . It is available every Saturday and Sunday.

Also you can book nature camps and stay for a larger than life experience!

For the next part of the trip, stay tuned!

Disclaimer- The content and photographs belongs to the writer.

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