Should you use Your Lipstick as An Eye Shadow?

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The internet is loaded with tutorials, hacks, guides on multipurpose use of a single product- lets say how to use a single product differently? Who doesn’t like a dual purpose resource? We all do. But before trying it out, lets do some research.

I am also guilty of watching all those under 30 seconds beauty tutorials where using red/orange lipstick as a concealer/corrector or even a eye shadow takes a center stage. And lets admit, it looks and feels believable and then you go like, whoa! why didn’t I think of it earlier?

I decided to do some research before giving it a go. And lets say the research kind of disagrees.

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Lipstick and made of different components, which are specifically made to suit the skin on your lips. Also, if you have noticed, wearing lipstick for long hours and years will also take a toll on your lip texture. The skin on your eyelids or under eyes is very sensitive. Lipstick tends to sink into the cracks of your skin and stay there for a very long time. Imagine doing that to your eyes. Also, if the product is not suitable, it might even end up giving you an eye infection or watery eyes. Also the removal of the product will require a lot of tugging and pulling the skin which will lead to more fine lines and wrinkles. Surely that’s not what we want.

So choose wisely. Lets say you want to conceal a spot of your hand or body, then sure, go ahead and use a lipstick, because the skin there is more sturdy, but not the sensitive eyes.

My recommendation would be to use products made specially for the eyes, they are made for a reason.

Feel free to do more research at your end before trying it out.

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