2020- Trends You Must Definitely Try

Last decade saw some major fashion inspo and some interesting comebacks from the past. While some styles were a hit, some failed to make a stance in the fashion bandwagon.

The new decade has officially just begun and lets see what styles are here to stay and what the fashion industry says buh byee to

1. Statement hair accessories like Huge bows and clips

Yes ladies, last season barretts were in vogue. This year we have some more interesting hair accessories added to the list, like hair bows, bands. So if you are someone who loves hair accessories, you are in for a treat babe. So explore and wear your favorite accessories without worrying about trends.

2. Animal Prints

Every girl has some animal print clothing in her wardrobe, be it a leopard print top or skirt. To add to the list , we have zebra print trending this year. So if you are thinking twice before grabing that zebra print top, don’t!

3. Handbags

In handbags, this season practical and realistic handbags are making a comback. So whatever your choice, tote, backpack or sling, flaunt it with style. And I am personally relieved those itsy bitsy tiny bags have gone out of trend. Sigh!

Let me know your thoughts below, and which trend is your favourite!

Until next time, xoxo.


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