A Beach Vacay at Goa

GOA has always been a place on my bucket list since long. I am glad I finally made it there. Its a place which suits the temperament of every individual; young and old alike. The first place on our list was the famous BAGA beach which was simply mesmerizing. Reaching GOA in the wee hours of the morning, we had no energy left within us to visit the beaches in the scorching heat of May. And when we finally made it in the evening, it was definitely worth it. Myriads of colorful light, the setting sun, and the cool breeze- nothing felt like it was mid-summer. Wandering on the beach, we say many colorful shacks with various themes, some Arabian, some bohemian, but one thing was common for them- all served delicious sea-food. Being a tourist places, the prices were definitely high, but then as it was off-season, I assume the prices will be definitely much more in the peak tourist seasons.


We visited the beach the next day morning as well. And there was a bunch of activities to choose from, starting from motor boats to banana rides and para-sailing. We decided to give parasailing a shot and it was definitely worth it.200 ft high on the sea where everything seemed tiny- wow. But let me warn you, its not for the faint-hearted , I myself, was quite skeptical, while I was dangling from the ropes.

But its worth a try.


For every shopaholic person, this is a must visit place. One can find some good bargain and some souvenirs to take back home. And Goa being famous for Cashew plantation, you find them as well(but the prices remain high).

We had visited GOA for a very short duration. On my next trip I would love to explore more places and try more cuisines.

Stay tuned!


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