The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel- REVIEW

Shower gels are one of the greatest inventions in the Skin Care section by beauty enthusiasts. It saves you a lot of struggle from using the slippery soap(if you know what I mean , pun intended). Its not like I am against using soap bars, but its just that shower gels are much more convenient and hygienic too.

I am a big fan of The Body Shop Shower Gels and keep on trying the different ones, and this time I ordered The Wild Argan Oil one. There has been a lot of hype about Argan oil in the recent past, with its wide range of beauty benefits for both skin and hair. It is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids which give your skin a health boost and glow.

The best part of this shower gel is it is made from Community Trade Argan Oil from Morocco, which makes the product pure and organic.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower gel retails at a price of Rs 325 INR.

It has a subtle and warming scent which leaves you with a refreshed aroma even 3-4 hours after taking the shower. To have the scent continue for a longer duration you have to layer it up with similar products which have the subtle aroma of argan oil and is not so over-powering.

Although the name states that it has Argann Oil, it does not leave your skin with a oily or greasy feel after the shower. It has a light texture and not at all greasy.

After using it, I felt my skin feeling softer, smoother and of course with a lingering warm aroma. I am definitely going to order this again.



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