What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On

Lets face it. Many of us have been there and done that. Sleeping with makeup on is a thing that we can raise our hands to. Even though not frequently, once in a while we have all been held guilty. Although you may not have faced any serious consequences for the number of times you have hit your bed without clearing out all traces of make-up, its not a wise thing to do. Common, we don’t need a degree in dermatology to understand what can possibly go wrong and how much it can damage the skin. Starting with trivial consequences, it can go up to severe skin damage and none of us would want that in our lives, right? Its better to stay informed of the consequences of sleeping with makeup on, so we don’t put our guard down even though terribly tired and are tempted to hit the bed.


Eye infection and Irritation

Our eyes are extremely sensitive to foreign matter. No matter how much you love your liners, kajals and shadows, they are strictly for external use only. Now imagine while sleeping you rub your eyes and some of these particles seep in to your eyes. They can not only irritate the eyes but might even cause an infection. Now who would want that  to happen to our precious eyes? One very important thing to remember is while wearing contacts, make sure your eyes are hydrated as dehydration may cause dryness and pain.

Clogged pores and Acne-

No matter how much you love your foundation, it has a limit to the staying power on skin and if not removed properly can cause clogged pores and breakout. It can be damaging for both oily and dry skin types, as the oil tends to stay in the clogged pores and cause acne. For dry skin, clogged pores might happen plus your skin can get more dry and dehydrated.


Imagine the makeup that you so loving put on your skin every morning to look youthful be the reason for ageing! Sleeping with makeup on can cause fine lines are wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Dry and Chapped lips-

Lipsticks tend to brighten up your entire look. But these pretty little things can cause your lips to dry over a period of time. So its advisable to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick, and after removing too. The liquid lipsticks in matte formula tend to be the most drying.

Its best and safest to remove makeup each day with a proper cleanser or makeup remover. To be on the safer side, double cleanse and hydrate with moisturizer. And wake up to happy skin the next day!




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  1. Shannon says:

    The things we learn as we get older. I haven’t slept in makeup in years. These are all thing that have happened to me at one time or another. So. I sleeping in makeup for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t agree more😀


  2. thefashionableaccountant says:

    I’m really bad about forgetting to remove when I am really tired. It’s def bad for your skin though and I push myself to take it off and clean my face well before I go to sleep! Xo, Nikki


  3. Sudipa says:

    I am scared of the bad effects of the chemical in makeup hence the moment I enter the home,make sure to remove it ,was my face n apply moisturizer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats the spirit girl!


  4. jack smith says:

    thats a good tips to know! thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it!


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